River Ridge Condo Association

April 2017




April 17, 2017

Board Members: 

 Present: Elizabeth Werth, Joan Flewelling, Alysha Gonsalves, Katherine Boucher, Sam Galzerano

 Absent:  Cynthia Townes, Richard Barrett

Also: Steven Miller, Property Manager

Secretary’s Report:  March 20, 2017 Minutes were reviewed. Joan Flewelling made a motion to accept, seconded by Sam Galzerano with unanimous approval by the Board.

Treasurer Report: 
Steve Miller reviewed the monthly financial report:

Income through March, 2017 is $110,543.71– Budgeted YTD is $99,325.00. Over Budget is $11,218.71.  

Expenses through March, 2017 is $98,281.05– Budgeted YTD = $86,202.00. Over Budget is $12,079.05.

$1,984.13 added to Capital Reserve Funding from monthly condo fees.

Two condo units remain in arrears with one of these placed under a lien. Salem Five Cent Bank is now paying condo fees and assessments for unit 2 C since the February Public Action. It is now current since that date.

Motion made to accept made by Alysha Gonsalves, seconded by Liz Werth, with unanimous approval by the Board.

Old Business:

Long discussion was held with revisions made to the Condominium Management Agreement. It was initially presented a couple years ago, has been reviewed by an attorney and a final Agreement with terms set forth was made after discussion. Corrections will be made and the final Agreement will be signed at the next meeting. 


Manager’s Report:

Gutter instillation is to start next Tuesday, April 25th, weather permitting. The project should take one week. Also, the existing gutters will be cleaned at this time.  Green dots have been placed on corner boards and deck posts where the downspouts are to be placed. Got Gutters will be doing this project. 

Durell Paving has completed the repairs to the road drain between Buildings 4 and 5. Additional repairs were needed to replace the drainage pipes connected to the drain that were corroded. Final cost was $5,900.00.

Examples of replacement doors were presented and discussed. Four final styles were chosen. Condo Unit owners can order theirs from Dube General Contracting (Harvey Building Products- Therma-Tru Door Styles:    S 100, S 708, S 260) or from a vendor of their choice. Steve will obtain information on a forth style and will notify all Owners of these approved styles. Owners will have until May 17, 2017 to place their order as it may take 3-4 weeks to receive their new door. Plan is to have all doors- old and new- ready for painting to start in July after pine pollen season and after gutter instillation.  

Hardware for the doors is to remain brass. 

Motion made by Liz Werth, seconded by Joan Flewelling with unanimous vote of approval by the Board. 

Concern was expressed about the condition of the screens around the chimney caps after a recent episode of an animal falling down a chimney box. Steve had Merry Sweeps walk the roofs and inspect the screens on each cap. They will be presenting their evaluations and recommendations shortly to Steve. 

Damage to vinyl siding has been reported to some of Building 4 garages from winter plowing. On Monday, April 24, 2017, Chill from Dube Construction will be doing repairs. 

Damage was also done to wooden walls near garages for Building 4 this winter due to plowing. Clough Landscaping will be making repairs.

Spring cleaning was started today. Concern and disappointment was expressed about the damages to spring flowers in front of some condo units. A number of owners have been clearing their garden plots recently and tending their plants, but no care was taken to protect these plants today. Discussion was held and a possible option of having signs available to mark the garden spots that are to be left alone.   

Docks are to be in mid May. 

New Business:

Next meeting is Monday, 5/15/17 at 6PM



Respectfully Submitted, 

Katherine Boucher, Secretary

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