River Ridge Condo Association

August 2017




August 21, 2017

Board Members Present: Liz Werth, Joan Flewelling, Cynthia Townes, Katherine Boucher, Sam Galzerano, Richard Barrett, Alysha Gonsalves.

Condo Owners Present: Sandy Bonin 4A, Anita Klein 5B, Philip Flewelling 5D

Also: Steven Miller, Property Manager

Open Session: Sandy, Anita and Philip presented concerns about improper ventilation in our attics and possible mold growth due to insulation placed over the soffit vents and the closure of the gable vents when the siding was placed. Prior to the siding, Sam Galzerano reported a meeting with Fred Emmanuel of Emmanuel Engineering, who recommended that the gable vents needed to be covered and there be only two flows of air- from the soffit vents to the ridge vent. Calculations were done with the size of the soffit vents and they were determined to be adequate. We discussed the possible need for Styrofoam baffles from the soffits extending up the inside of the roof and these would keep the insulation away from the opening. Discussion was held and it was determined that access to the attics in Building 5 was necessary to assess their status and position of the insulation in relation to the soffits. Also, two condo members reported that their bathroom fans exhaust into their attic space. There was a concern expressed about the ridge vent being covered by snow in the winter. Steve reported that Chill of Dube Construction was coming this week to do the planned roof replacements.

A motion was made by Cyndi Townes to have Dube Construction assess the attic space of Building 5 for air flow and their general condition this week, prior to the roof work scheduled for Thursday. This was seconded by Liz Werth and with unanimous approval of the Board.

Secretary’s Report: Will be presented at a later date due to computer being repaired.

Treasurer’s Report: Steve Miller reviewed the end of this financial year’s monthly financial report: Income through July, 2017 is $162,358.71- Budgeted YTD is $149,025.00. Over Budget is $13,333.71. Expenses through July, 2017 are $154,252.92- Budgeted YTD is $146,978.00. Over Budget is $7,274.92.

Transferred amount into the Capital Reserve Account is $1,898.25.

One Condo owner remains in arrears for assessment and condo fees and a lien has been placed.

A motion to accept this report made by Sam Glazerano, seconded by Richard Barrett, with unanimous approval by the Board.

Old Business:

  • All doors have been painted, but Liz Werth and Richard Barrett report white spots and peeling on their doors. Steve will assess.

  • Steve has received initial contact from the attorney working with 2F.

  • Roof replacements for 2H and 3J are scheduled for this week. Work to be done by North Point Roofing Co. of Hudson and Dube Construction- to remove and reapply siding as needed.

  • Dryer vent cleaning for this year was discussed. Steve has obtained an estimate from Reliable Recovery and Restoration in Epping for $60.00 for exterior vents paid by Condo Association and $33.00 for internal vent cleaning that owners need to request and pay for. Cyndi Townes again requested that we have a map indicating where these vents are located and that someone needs to be on site when the work is done because of issues in the past.

  • Chimney inspection is to be done on Wednesday to evaluate the need for cleaning.

  • Chimney screens were replaced on 19 of the units that were identified as being in need. The cost of this work was $4,450.00 done by Merrie Sweepe Chimney Service.

Manager’s Report:

  • Building 5 deck replacement to start on September 11. It is expected to be a 2-3 week project. There will be rails around the deck, opening to a step down onto a cement pad. All these condo owners will need to have their decks cleared off prior to this date.

  • Orange tipped stakes were placed toward the back in the area to the right of the dumpsters for residents to place old plants and bush. Please do not drop items near the driveway. Lobdell Landscaping will do the removal.

New Business:

  • Discussion was held regarding a plan for roof replacement as there are 25 more upper and farmer’s porch roofs as well as garage roofs for Buildings 2, 3, 4 and 5 to be done. Alysha questioned if it would be possible to plan for 5 roofs a year and contract this out to obtain a better bid. Steve will continue to get a third bid and check if this is possible.

  • Annual Meeting date is set for Thursday, October 19, 2017. There is one Board Member’s term to expire and Richard Barrett reported he is interested in continuing as a member.

Annual Meeting- Scheduled Newmarket High School for October 19, 2017 at 7PM. It is important that every owner come and vote or absentee vote for: 68% of 47 owners are 32 people needed to approve changes.

  1. Accept the (NH) Condo Act.

  2. Approve the Insurance section that clarifies the Master Deductible.


Board Meeting for September is on Monday the 18th.

Respectfully Submitted,

Katherine Boucher, Secretary

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