River Ridge Condo Association

February 2013

River Ridge Condo Association

Board Meeting Minutes

February 19, 2013    


Board Members present: Margaret Crowley, Cynthia Townes, W R Woodruff, Kathy Boucher, Joan Flewelling, and Sam Galzerano

Also: Steven A. Miller, Property Manager


The minutes from the November Board Meeting 2012 were read approved as written. The minutes from the January 2013 Board Meeting were read approved as written.


Topic: Treasurer’s Report                

Discussion: Steve Miller presented January’s treasurer’s report. Steve Miller reviewed the operating expenses.  There is still one unit in arrears in condo fees and assessments. The unit that is in arrears currently has a lien on it and will be taking to court to seek judgment to collect the outstanding fees.

Plan: Legal action is continuing re: late condo dues and assessments.


Topic: Insurance Financials

Discussion: As part of the Treasurer’s Report there was discussion as to the amounts and fees that were in the January financials that were once a annual year fee. Also discussed was the insurance claim on the tree that had fallen on the garages roofs of 2G and 2H.

Plan: The fix for the garages roofs was resolved and repaired by Bob Mathouser of Enterprise Home LLC was responsible for the fix.


Topic: River Ridge Maintenance Cleaning

Discussion: Margaret Crowley discussed the need to look at the current cleaning maintenance and the possibility to re-evaluate and review for other possible cleaning maintenance bids and options. Currently, Don  Poisson is the River Ridge Condo Association maintenance individual.  Plan: Because of time restraints the discussion was tabled for further discussion and Steve will investigate other cleaning maintenance options and bids.


Topic: New Signage

Discussion: There was more discussion of the New Signs for the complex, including sign on Bass Street entrance; directional sign on island where fire alarm box is, walkway signs and unit signs. There will also be strategically placed building directional signs.

Plan: The discussion was tabled for further discussion at the Spring walk around the property for the position of the directional building signs.


Topic: Pavement Maintenance

Discussion: The Board had some concerns regarding the significant cracks in the asphalt throughout the parking area within the property.  Due to financial constraints on replacing the asphalt the Board and manager are looking into cracking sealing and restriping the entire parking area within the property this Spring.  One of the bidding companies is NH Black Top Sealers at a price to crack sealing and rout the entire property at a cost of $6,500 with a 3-year guarantee.  The additional cost to re-stripe all parking spaces would be at $950.  The goal is to do this work all at the same time to minimize vehicle relocation.  Manager is getting an additional bid to compare and then present to the board at the March meeting.

Plan: This was the bid from last September and he will receive a more updated bid from them and solicit other bids from a couple of other companies.


Topic: Lawn Fertilization Maintenance

Discussion: Steve discussed the TruGreen,  Lawn Doctor , Purely Organic fertilizer bids and he is still waiting for proposals. TruGreen proposal was for 4 applications including a grub and lime application. The Lawn Doctor was for 3 applications and a $1000 cheaper.

Plan: This was the bid from last September and he will receive a more updated bid from them and solicit other bids from a couple of other companies.



Topic: Siding Maintenance 

Discussion: There was a discussion initiated by Margaret that the Associations needs to start looking at long term solutions to the building Siding. The continued repair with cedar clapboards, or the replacement of cedar siding, vinyl siding or hardiplank siding need to be explored and evaluated with all property owners. The Board needs a full discussion of this being a “big” project with River Ridge owners.

Plan: Margaret will evaluate and propose a strategy to propose a plan.



Next Monthly Meeting: March 19, 2013

Newmarket Library

7:00 PM

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