River Ridge Condo Association

January 2013

River Ridge Condo Assoc. Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

January 22, 2013


Members Present: M. Crowley; C. Townes; K. Boucher; R. Woodruff; J. Flewelling, S. Miller, Management Co.

Members Absent: R. Barrett; S. Galzerano

Minutes last meeting:  Waived


1. CD is up for renewal.  Joan will look into bank rates and email board     members with results. 

  1. All outside light fixtures and carpentry work have been completed except for the recessed lighting.  Looking into saving canister and replacing the light sockets.  Bills have been paid.
  2. Currently placed a lien on a unit due to past due condo fees.  Association has placed a lien on the unit and pursuing this unit owner through the legal process.  Balance owed to date is at $6,800.
  3. Unit 4H case has been settled.

New Business:

1. Request from 2D for handicap hand rail to be install on railing.   Permission granted pending a picture or diagram done according to Rules of the Association.  Emailing of picture or diagram to Board will be for final approval.

2. Outlet Sign placement, discussion held.  All voted to have sign to stay where the town placed it.

3. New Signs:  Steve presented to Board a presentation proposal for new signs for the complex, including sign on Bass Street entrance, directional sign on island where fire alarm box is, walkway signs and unit signs. There will be further discussion at next meeting.

4. Request for fencing by Building 1.  Two estimates were received.  Discussion held.  Given the finances and more important projects, [ ie; continuation roof repair of building 1], board will look into alternatives to keep bicycles out.

5. Request from owner of 3B to have trees pruned to aid the selling of unit.  Estimate received Discussion held and all agreed that if owner wants the trees pruned, the association would bill the owner for the services.

6. Landscaping Contract: three estimates were obtained. Discussion held.  Bids were for lawn maintenance, pruning, weeding, etc for the spring and fall, and snow removal, sanding, & shoveling, for the winter.  Board voted to keep Clough Lawn services.

Fertilization: Discussion held that company used last year it was questioned that we received the services that we were billed for.  Steve will look into the contract.

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