River Ridge Condo Association

January 2017






January 23, 2017


Board Members Present: Elizabeth Werth, Joan Flewelling, Cynthia Townes, Katherine Boucher, Richard Barrett


Absent: Sam Galzerano, Alysha Gonsalves,


Also: Steven Miller, Property Manager


Secretary’s Report: December, 19, 2016 Minutes were reviewed. Joan Flewelling made a motion to accept, seconded by Cyndi Townes with unanimous approval by the Board


Treasurer’s Report: Steve Miller reviewed the monthly financial report:

Income through December 2016 – Budgeted YTD (Year-to-Date) = $62,100 Actual YTD = $71,578 – Difference is due to insurance claim so we are in a positive variance of $9,478

Expenses through December 2016 – Budgeted YTD = $53,095  Actual YTD = $61,251 – Difference is due to insurance claim payment so we are over budget of $8,156

Contribution monthly to Reserve continues with $1,612.88.


We have 3 delinquencies. Discussion was held about placing a lien on one of them. A motion to follow through with this was made by Liz Werth, seconded by Joan Flewelling, unanimous approval by the Board.


February 10, 2017 is the scheduled Public Action of condo unit by the bank that sent a Notice of Foreclosure Sale. It will start at 9 AM.


Old Business:

Steve will be requesting bids for specifications for painting of the units single entry doors and the garage man doors for a total of 75 doors.


Discussion regarding replacing the four back decks for Building 5 was held. When the deck replacement project was done 6 years ago, these were not included and are now in desperate need of replacement. A motion made to replace these decks was made by Cyndi Townes, seconded by Katherine Boucher and unanimous approval given by the Board.


The Board discussed holding off on staining the back decks because of the expense of replacements on


Building 5. We will assess the number of decks we can do in 2018 and determine the costs at that time. 

Power washing decks and staining them is planned to begin in 2018 but we may need to split that over 2 years to afford it along with other common expenses that need to be done


Condo unit 2 J was recently sold.


New Business:


Steve started the discussion regarding the need to amend the River Ridge Condominium Documents to conform to the New Hampshire Condominium Act approved by the Governor and in effect as of August 1, 2016


Amendments being considered to present to all units owners at the 2017 Annual meeting are as follows:


-Amending the Insurance Section to clarify which party is responsible up to the master deductible – current documents are not clear


-Amending the by-laws to restrict the number of rentals allowed.



Bids were received for Organic Fertilization lawn care. The Board decided to table these bids to be considered for the next board meeting



Adjusted unit 4J diverter to allow the water to drain off roof into newly installed gutter.



Phil Flewelling brought up concerns for the need for gutters being added to the front of the mail house for safety reasons was discussed. A motion was made by Joan Flewelling, seconded by Richard Barrett with unanimous Board approval. Steve will discuss with Chill of Dube Construction.



Next Meeting: Wednesday, February, 22, 2017 Library closed on Monday, Presidents’ Day




Respectfully Submitted,

Katherine Boucher, Secretary




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