River Ridge Condo Association

July 2017




July 17, 2017

Board Members Present: Elizabeth Werth, Joan Flewelling, Cynthia Townes, Katherine Boucher, Sam Galzerano, Richard Barrett

Absent: Alysha Gonsalves


Also: Steven Miller, Property Manager


Secretary’s Report: June 19, 2017 Minutes were reviewed with one adjustment. Liz Werth made a motion to accept with the adjustment, seconded by Joan Flewelling with unanimous approval by the Board.


Treasurer’s Report: Steve Miller reviewed the monthly financial report: Income through June, 2017 is $149,603.71- Budgeted YTD is $136,600.00. Over Budget is $13,003.71. Expenses through June, 2017 are$137,291.09- Budgeted YTD is $127,309.00. Over Budget is $9,982.09.

Transferred to Capital Reserve Account is $2,081.25.  

One Condo owner remains in arrears for assessment and condo fees and a lien has been placed.

Motion to accept made by Joan Flewelling, seconded by Richard Barrett with unanimous approval by the Board. 


Old Business:  


-Roof replacements would come out of Capital Expenses not Operating Expenses. Plan is for 3 I and 2 H to be done this year as they have reported leaks. Dube Construction gave an estimate of $10,000 to $12,000 for the work. Last year, while they were on site installing the siding, the roof replacements done by them at that time was $3,600 per roof.  Discussion was held about the total of 29 roofs still needing to be done. Steve will obtain additional bids for the work.

- Paving and driveway repair for sink holes across from Building 2 cost $900.00. These holes needed tar to repair them. 

- Kayak launch at dock by Building 5 has been installed at a cost of $2,168.73

Motion to accept the Budget made by Sam Galzerano, seconded by Liz Werth with unanimous approval of

the Board.



Manager’s Report:


- 10 MPH sign has been placed near the Mail House.

- Letter from Nancy Eaton containing the findings of the contractor she selected was received and discussed. No specific cause of the staining and suspected leak was found, but he felt it was due to outside sources- ? ice dams or melting snow leak from neighboring deck. 

- 2 K and 2 C have recently been purchased.  

- 1 G is under agreement and scheduled to close. They have 3 indoor cats and request exception of the 2 pet per condo unit rule. Consideration was given and Steve will inform the pending buyer that 3 indoor cats will be allowed at this time but that they are not to replace the 3rd cat in the future. The Rule will remain in place that pets per unit are not to exceed 2.  Motion made by Richard Barrett, Seconded by Joan Flewelling with unanimous approval of the Board.

New Business:


Budget and Planning: 

     -  Second week of September work will start on replacing the 4 back decks on Building 5. 

    -   Chimney repairs with screens replaced to be done and examine the chimneys while there.

     -  Condo fees to remain at $275.00.

     -  This Fall plan dryer vent cleaning.

     -  Gutter cleaning needed up to 3 times a year as tree debris has caused clogging.

     -  Roof replacements

     -  Winter pruning.

     -  No back deck staining to be done this year. Plan for 15-20 decks to have power washing and staining next 

         year in 2018. Possibly Buildings 1 and 2. Then in 2019 Building 3 and 4. (?Building 5)           

Continue to pay down the Assessment.


Annual Meeting- Steve will attempt to secure the High School area for October 19, 2017.  It is important that every owner come and vote or absentee vote for: 68% of 47 owners are 32 people needed to approve changes.

1. Accept the (NH) Condo Act.
2. Approve the Insurance section that clarifies the Master Deductible.





Sunday, July 30, 2017, Noon to 4 P.M.—Pot Luck Deck Party.  All invited!


Respectfully Submitted, 

Katherine Boucher, Secretary









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