River Ridge Condo Association

June 2017




June 19, 2017

Board Members Present: Elizabeth Werth, Joan Flewelling, Cynthia Townes, Katherine Boucher, Sam Galzerano, Richard Barrett

Absent: Alysha Gonsalves


Also: Steven Miller, Property Manager


Secretary’s Report: May 15, 2017 Minutes were reviewed. Joan Flewelling made a motion to accept, seconded by Sam Galzerano with unanimous approval by the Board.


Treasurer’s Report: Steve Miller reviewed the monthly financial report:

Income through May, 2017 is $135,653.71– Budgeted YTD is $124,175.00. Over Budget is $11,478.71.  

Expenses through May, 2017 is $120,963.98– Budgeted YTD = $107,640.00. Over Budget is $13,323.98.

Transferred  into Capital Reserve Account is $1,888.50. Only 1 condo unit remains in arrears and a lien has been placed.


Old Business:  

4 Bids were received for the 4 decks at the back of the condos of Building 5. They ranged from $24,926 to $10,755. The plan is for the work to begin in September. After discussion, the Motion was made by Liz Werth, Seconded by Cyndi Townes with a unanimous vote of the Board to give the contract to Steven A. Brown Builder who presented the bid for $10,755. 
Plan is for the painting of the condo front doors, man doors and 2 rear doors to start the on Monday, July 17, 2017 and continue through the week to complete all condos and garages. Steve will notify all owners/residents of the schedule. New doors should be installed by this time and inside finish painting of these will be the owners responsibility. Work will be weather permitting for Buildings 4 and 5. Cost will be about $6,000 as we have 75 doors at $80 each.
Review of Amendments considered for the By-Laws and Insurance Section was done. We will need 67% (32) of the owners in order to pass them. The Board and Steve encourage all to attend the Annual Meeting in October.
Report from Merry Sweepe was presented for replacing Chimney Caps that are a problem. 19 caps were identified at the cost of $275 per unit including installation for a total of $4,675. Motion made by Richard Barrett to accept, Seconded by Cyndi Townes with unanimous approval of the Board.
Discussion regarding replacement of roofs of condo units was started with the first ones identified as 2 H and 3JI as they are leaking. More roofs are to be checked and we are waiting for bids before the final determination.
Some concerns still exist regarding the organic products that were used by Labadie Lawn Care. Discussion will continue.  

New Business:

Concerns regarding the hole in the asphalt driveway entering to the right  into River Ridge near the large rock before the dumpsters were discussed. Steve will contact Durrell Paving regarding patching this area that has been enlarging.  A quote will also be obtained with recommendations to repair the dips in the pavement in front of the left dumpster. 
Discussion regarding the concern of safety for the number of dogs off leach, and the speed of which cars are entering and leaving our complex. A Speed Limit sign of 10 MPH is to be placed to notify people entering. Further discussion wording of Rules and Regulations will be done.
Liz Werth proposed installation of a kayak dock for ease of launching and docking to be attachedto the dock by Building 5, as this will be more convenient for residents to access from the parking lot. EZ Dock had been contacted with a cost of $2,168.00, delivered and installed. It was discussed that this amount could be available from the painting budget. A Motion was made to purchase by Sam Galzerano, Seconded by Cyndi Townes with a unanimous vote from the Board.


Manager’s Report:

Condo unit closing for 2 C will be this or next Friday. This unit had been in foreclosure.
2 K will close on 6/25/17.




Sunday, July 30, 2017, Noon to 4 P.M.—Pot Luck Deck Party.  All invited!


Respectfully Submitted, 

Katherine Boucher, Secretary



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