River Ridge Condo Association

March 2013

River Ridge Condo Association

Board Meeting Minutes

Match 26, 2013


Board Members present: Margaret Crowley, W R Woodruff, Kathy Boucher, Joan Flewelling, Richard Barrett, and Sam Galzerano

Also: Steven A. Miller, Property Manager


The minutes from the February Board Meeting 2013 were read and discussed. There were further questions and clarifications for the annual fees associated with the insurance fee for January report. Those fees included the workers compensation fee, director’s fee, and the commercial package fee. The minutes for February were approved.


Topic: Treasurer’s Report                

Discussion: Steve Miller presented February’s treasurer’s report. There was a question as to what was the February “Other Income”. Steve Miller explained that the line item was the Insurance check resulting from the damage of the fallen tree on the garages associated with the building 2 accident. Also discussed relating to the garage damage was the carpentry and supply expenses for February.


Topic: Treasurer’s Report                

Discussion: There is still one unit in arrears of condo dues and assessments.

Plan:  Legal action is continuing re: late condo dues and assessments.


Topic: Lighting Replacement Project   

Discussion: Steve brought to the attention of the board that the Lighting Replacement Project is done. As of that evening there were 19 members of the association that have not completed their financial assessment of the Lighting replacement project.

For all members of the association please note the following: The Special Assessment to each unit is $255.  This can be paid over five (5) months beginning December 2012 but no later than April 30, 2013.  You can pay it all at once or over the five months (as long as it is within the five month period) but it MUST be paid before April 30, 2013. 

The Lighting Replacement Memorandum.

Topic: Crack Sealing and Parking Stripe Painting. 

Discussion: Steve Miller presented to the Board the 2 bids and options for the sealing of the parking cracks and paint striping. There were 2 ways of accomplishing this project. One was dividing the work to a company that does Crack Sealing only (RCH Maintenance who would have to coordinate the line striping with Tri-State Striping) and the other company is NH Blacktop Sealers .  The company that was awarded the job was NH Blacktop Sealers at the total cost of $7,450.  Notices of when work will occur will be sent out in early April to all residents.

The tentative timeline and coordination of this project is slated for May and before Memorial Day. 


Topic: Lawn Fertilization Maintenance

Discussion: Steve presented the 4 bids for Lawn Fertilization. Those companies were Purely Organic, Tru-Green, Mainely Grass, and Lawn Doctor. All 4 bids were for 4 applications, 1 lime application and 1 anti-grub application. There was discussion and the majority agreed upon because of the proximity to the Lamprey River that the River Ridge Association strongly supports a protective healthy approach to our neighborhood watershed, which we are privileged and blessed to enjoy.

Plan: There was a motion and the Board accepted the Tru-Green Organic bid with the premise that one of the four organic applications would be pending the weather and the need

to fertilize.


Topic: Outside Siding Consideration

Discussion: Margaret Crowley suggested because of all the financial considerations the Board are looking at there is a need for a discussion of the Siding of the River Ridge Condominium Association. The Board discussed several ongoing areas of concern.

  • Current appearance of the Buildings.

i)     There was a general agreed upon opinion of being less than satisfactory.

  • Current Maintenance Finances for the siding.

i)     Approximately $30-$40 thousand was spent over the last 10 years to maintain the current band aid appearance.

  • The various siding products

i)      References and examples.

ii)   Financials of the products

  • River Ridge Condominium Members participation with ongoing discussion

Plan: It was agreed upon that there be a General Meeting for all members to attend and discuss what the Board is facing with the Outside Siding Consideration. The Scheduling of this general meeting is still to be announced.


Topic: New Signage

Discussion: There was more discussion of the New Signs for the complex, It was discussed that one of the directional signs for pointing to a Building was over kill and not necessary. The current bid was $3200.


Next Monthly Meeting: April 16, 2013

Newmarket Library

7:00 PM

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