River Ridge Condo Association

March 2018



March 19, 2018

Board Members Present:  Richard Barrett, Joan Flewelling, Alysha Gonsalves, Cynthia Townes, Rose Milas, and Katherine Boucher

Absent:  Sam Galzerano

Also:  Steven Miller, Property Manager

Secretary’s Report:  The minutes from the December 18, 2017 meeting were reviewed.  Cynthia Townes made a motion to accept the minutes as written and Joan Flewelling seconded the motion.  All present board members were in agreement. 

Treasurer’s Report:  Steve Miller reviewed the monthly financial report for February 2018.  Total Income through January 2017 was $93,917.13. Expenses through February 2017 was $79,674.00.   Total Budget was 82,708.00.   Budgeted YTD was $90,750.00. Over Budget was $3,221.13.

A public Auction was held on March 2nd for Unit 2I and there was no one who bid on the property.  The Bank now owns the property and it is being listed by Steve Cotrane at Remax.  The Bank that owns the property will now be responsible for paying the condo fees.  The new owner will be responsible for the amount of the entire assessment.   Joan Flewelling made a motions to accept the Treasurer’s Report and Richard Barrett seconded.  All board members were in favor. 



Steve reported that the restoration company RR&R has completed the drying up, soda blasting and sealing up of the framing on the burn units.  They will be onsite periodically cleaning up and completing demo details.  The framers have been onsite to work on interiors.  Electrical and Plumbing will also be started.  The electricians will be swapping the electrical panels over to permanent power in the near future. 


Urban Tree Service has started work on the property and removed two large trees on either end of the property.  Kathy Boucher noted that one tree was trimmed on the River side behind building 3.  They did not trim all the trees on the list out back.  They did trim trees between the units and the driveway side which was NOT on their list.  Steve will contact the Urban Tree and review.  Per Steve they have not completed their project as of this meeting. 




Steven Miller reported that CAU the insurance carrier has found Philadelphia Insurance Company and our cost for the Master Policy will increase by $50,000 per year. This has doubled the annual premium.   The deductible for each homeowner will be $25,000 per unit.  This has gone up from $5,000 per unit.  Homeowners will need to contact their own insurance policy to increase their deductible cost.  Unit owners will be getting a letter from the property manager. 


Chimney Savers proposal that includes video scanning inspection cleaning total cost is $3500.  Fireside Sweep proposal is $7550.  Kathy Boucher made a motion to use Chimney Savers and that all units be video scanned, cleaned and inspected at a cost of $3500.  This will be the protocol every year.  Chimney inspection and cleaning is planned for August 2018.  All units will need to provide access no matter what type of fire place you have installed.   Alysha seconded and all board members were in favor. 



Kathy Boucher did some research with the company that Labadi uses for its fertilizer.  She states that the salesperson she spoke to suggest a lawn fertilizer called “Screaming Green” which is organic.  Steve will contact Labadi to follow up. 

PLEASE NOTE THE ASSESSMENT STARTED ON January 1, 2016 and is $225 month and condo fee is $275 per month

The next Board meeting will be held on April 16, 2018 at 6 pm at The Newmarket Library.


Respectfully Submitted,

Cynthia Townes, Secretary



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