River Ridge Condo Association

May 2017

May 15, 2017
Board Members Present: Elizabeth Werth, Joan Flewelling, Cynthia Townes, Alysha Gonsalves, Katherine Boucher, Richard Barrett
Absent: Sam Galzerano
Also: Steven Miller, Property Manager
Open Discussion/Resident Input: Presentation by Nancy Eaton, 2 F, regarding problem with brown staining of ceiling on Main floor and below this area, on the lower level, a crack half of the way down of the wall. These occurred this past winter. A long discussion took place to better understand the extent of the problem and possible cause. Steve suggested a plan to better get an explanation of the cause would be to have a contractor open up the lower level wall where the crack is and evaluate. Steve offered to send Nancy the contact information for three contractors for her to review, but she is free to choose anyone she wishes. This work would be done at her expense. Once that information is obtained, further discussion can occur to determine how to correct the problem.
Secretary’s Report: April 17, 2017 Minutes were reviewed. Liz Werth made a motion to accept, seconded by Cyndi Townes with unanimous approval by the Board.
Treasurer’s Report: Steve Miller reviewed the monthly financial report: Income through April, 2017 is $121,243.71– Budgeted YTD is $111,750.00. Over Budget is $9,493.71.
Expenses through April, 2017 is $113,050.60– Budgeted YTD = $96,971.00. Over Budget is $16,079.60.
$1,605.00 has been transferred to the Capital Reserve Fund from the monthly condo fees.
1 Condo unit remains in arrears and a lien has been placed on it.
A Motion to accept this report was made by Alysha Gonsalves, seconded by Joan Flewelling with unanimous approval of the Board.
Old Business:
The Condominium Management Agreement, with the final agreed upon corrections, was signed by the Board members present.
Got Gutters will be on the property to address problems at 4 H + 4 K. Also, install needed gutter on farmers’ porch on 3 I and 3 J.
Mulch was put down in common areas today. This is after owners had a few weeks to place mulch in their areas/gardens if they wanted.
Steve was notified of concerns regarding the products being used by Labadi Lawn Care and he will contact
A concern of insulation covering soffit vents in the attics preventing air circulation was brought up and
discussion was started. Question if baffles are needed?
New Business:
Two condos are for sale- 2 C and 1 G. 2 K has recently been sold.
Manager’s Report:
Steve is still waiting information on the chimney cap repair on 3 I.
Docks are now in with new chains on the floating docks behind Building 1 and Building 5. A concern regarding
kayak accessibility was again expressed.
Red and orange flags have been places around the property by Lobdell Landscaping Company. They have
presented to Steve their plans for these areas. There was no time at this meeting to discuss them, so plans are
to address these at the next meeting.
Owners have until this Friday to identify their kayaks or canoes with their Condo Unit number. Plan is for
removal of unmarked boats.
Door discussion continues. The Home Depot man door costs $811 and is a steel door. It is also warranted by
Home Depot. The Harvey door is more expensive, fiberglass, warranted by Harvey, and Dube Construction will
Condo owners will need to paint the inner trim/frame if they have a door replaced.
Respectfully Submitted,
Katherine Boucher, Secretary
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