River Ridge Condo Association

October 2013

River Ridge Condo Association

Board Meeting Minutes

October 15, 2013      


Board Members present: W R Woodruff, Katherine Boucher, Margaret Crowley, Joan Flewelling , Cindy Townes and Sam Galzerano.

Also: Steven A. Miller, Property Manager.


Topic: Meeting Minutes       

Discussion: The Minutes for September were read, reviewed and approved by the Board.


Topic: Treasures Report        


       1.There was discussion of the $300 general office fee which was for the renting of the library for last year and $300 for the next year. The fee is for the reservation of the conference room that holds the monthly board meeting.

       2.Steve Miller noted there is one delinquency of condo dues and two remaining owners that are deficient on the special assessment for the outside lights. Both unit owners have been notified of their delinquency of not paying their assessment and are being charged late fees each month until paid in full.

       3. The Board motioned and accepted the Financials for September.


Topic: Annual Owners Meeting .

Discussion: Reminder that the Annual Owners meeting will be Tuesday 10/22/2013 from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM at the Newmarket Senior High School Room 106 -  Please arrive around 6:30pm to register and collect any handouts so the meeting can start promptly at 7pm.


Topic: Urban Tree Service       


1.Steve Miller will meet with Urban Tree Service this week and to get a bid for winter tree pruning, and tree removal.


Topic: Roof       Improvements


1.  Steve Miller presented the bid from Enterprise Home LLC for the 2 units in Building 1 that still need replacement. The roofs scheduled for replacement will be units 1A and 1G and is scheduled for October 24th thru October 29th.

2.  The Board made a motion to accept and voted to accept the proposal. Bob Mathouser the contractor will also be installing rain diverters on the remaining farmers porches whereby the bow window is in the way of the water flow runoff from these roofs.

Topic: Fertilizer Bids and Maintenance      


1. Steve Miller presented 3 bids , Mainly Grass, Purely Organic, and TRUGreen  for the fertilization services for 2014 that presented a yearly service that would include 5 applications. These applications would be 2 chemical treatments to kill the broadleaf and crabgrass, 3 organic applications and a lime and grub control treatment.  The Board discussed to defer the decision till after the Annual Meeting. 


Topic: Change to Window Replacement request      


Steve Miller presented a request from unit 4C to change the # of panes from 2 to 3 on a previous approved window install request. The change was approved by the Board.

Topic: Chimney Inspections


       1. Steve Miller informed the Board that the scheduling of the annual chimney inspection for this year will be on Friday November 8 2013. You do not need to be home for this inspection but if your chimney is in need of cleaning, we will contact you directly.


Topic: Landscaping and Snow Removal Proposal:


       1. Steve Miller will solicit a bid from Clough’s Lawn Services. There was general positive approval of the snow removal contractor. A motion was made and agreed by the Board that Steve Miller should propose the possibility of a multi year bid with Clough.


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River Ridge Condominium Association





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