River Ridge Condo Association
Pet Reg. Form


P. O. Box 539

Newmarket, New Hampshire 03857






Being fully aware of the By-law requirement regarding pets residing at River Ridge, I wish to register my pet(s) with the River Ridge Condominium Association as follows:


PETS (List type, breed, colors):                        _____________________________________





Unit Owner(s)/Resident(s) Name:            _____________________________________




Unit No.                                                __________



The River Ridge By-laws call for a Pet Registration Fee; your Board of Directors has suspended this fee for the time being.


Please be sure to read the section on Pets in the Rules and Regulations. 


It is the unit owner’s responsibility to keep the Association advised when there is a change in the pet situation.  Every attempt is made to visually keep track of resident pets but the final responsibility rests with the unit owner.




Please complete and return this form to:  S.S. Maguire Management LLC

                                                               PO Box 165

                                                               Hampton, NH  03843

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