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Preferred Vendors and Contractors

River Ridge uses several trades for a variety of different functions so we thought it would be best to recommend the contractors and vendors that we use and trust so you can receive the same quality of work and pricing as the Association receives.


Please find below recommended contractors and service providers that you can contact if you need the required service for the interior of your units.  Please remember to always communicate to the Management Company any issues that arise that require immediate attention or if you have any questions related to the service providers noted below.  Also, please remember that any services contracted with any of these services below are at the expense of the condo owner.  We do not have any specific discounted pricing with them but since we do use their services quite often, you will receive a quicker reponse and reasonable rates.  The list is as follows:


Contractors for Construction:                                    Heating & Cooling/Furnace Repairs:

Turcotte’s Home Services                                                Childs HVAC

Contact is Bob Turcotte                                                Contact is Rick Childs

Office Number is 603.659.5833                                    Office Number is 603.231.9053


Enterprise Home Improvements                                    Plumbers:

Contact is Bob Mathouser                                                Contact is Rooter Man

Office Number is 603.778.0906                                    Office Number is 603.269.7900


Electricians:                                                            Perry Plumbing & Heating

Miner Electric                                                            Contact is Paul Perry

Contact is Paul Miner                                                Office Number is 603.430.8581

Office Number is 603.772.6807


McKeen Electric                                                            Exterminators/Pest Maintenance:

Contact is Shane McKeen                                                Contact is Haydee’s Pest-Free Management

Office Number is 603.231.7900                                    Office Number is 800.654.7378


Appliance Repairs:                                                Appliance Repairs:

Contact is Mr. Appliance                                    OR            Contact is Andy Nichols           

Office Number is 603.330.0133                                      Office Number is 603.772.0747



If there are any questions, please feel free to call the Management Office at 603.868.1262. 

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