River Ridge Condo Association

September 2013

River Ridge Condo Association

Board Meeting Minutes

September 24, 2013        


Board Members present: W R Woodruff, Katherine Boucher, Margaret Crowley, Richard Barrett, Joan Flewelling , Cindy Townes and Sam Galzerano.

Also: Steven A. Miller, Property Manager.


Topic: Meeting Minutes         

Discussion: The Minutes for both July and August were read, reviewed and approved by the Board.


Topic: Treasures Report          


         1.Steve Miller noted that this is the 1st month in the fiscal year.


         2.Steve Miller noted there is one delinquency of condo dues and two remaining owners that are deficient on the special assessment for the outside lights.


         3. The Board motioned and accepted the Financials for August.


Topic: Removal of swimming and fishing docks.


  1. Because of the Lamprey River draw down scheduled for October 1 – 10th ; the Board and Steve agreed that the swimming docks and fishing docks need to be removed the weekend of September 28th.


Topic: Income Tax returns for 2012-2013         


1.Steve Miller presented the 2012-2013 Tax returns to the Board. Alpert Stowe CPA did the tax returns.


Topic: Building 2 unit 2L foundation leak        


       1. Steve Miller was notified of a leak to the front of the foundation to unit 2L in building 2. A crack in the foundation can be seen. Bob Matthouser of Enterprise Home Improvement will be determining the problem and resolution.


Topic: Fertilizer Bids and Maintenance        


1. Steve and Kathy met with a Mainly Grass representative regarding fertilization services that presented a yearly service that would include 5 applications. Currently there is no organic solution for crabgrass removal. Mainly Grass proposes five applications; they are steps 1 and 2 are chemical based to prevent crabgrass and broadleaf, applications 3-5 will be organic based,  and a fall lime and aeration application was suggested.  The board wants Steve Miller to get 2 other quotes being from Tru-Green and Purely Organic. 


Topic: River Ridge Annual Meeting         


  1. The Annual meeting is scheduled on Tuesday October 22, 2013 at the NewMarket High School room 106 at 7:00 PM. Please arrive around 6:30 to register.  We encourage everyone to come as there will be a lot to discuss on the future assessment at River Ridge. 

2. Three (3) members of the Board of Directors terms are set to expire which will open three seats for a three (3) year term at this meeting.  Currently, the Treasurer (Joan Flewelling) and Board Directors Kathy Boucher and Sam Galzerano are members of the board whose terms are set to expire in 2013.  All three are planning to re-run so the board is seeking any resident wishing to run for a seat should submit their intentions and interest by October 15th, 2013 to Secretary Sam Galzerano or Steven Miller.


Topic: Replacing Trees        


1. The board asked Steve Miller to obtain additional pricing for the replacement trees in front of building 1 that were removed in July.  The trees that the board seek are Ornamental Pears or Dogwood trees which will be priced out and installed either this Fall or next Spring.


Topic: Roof         Improvements


  1. There are 2 units in Building 1 that still need replacement. Bob Mathouser will be providing a price to replace those in need of replacement.
  2. Bob will also be installing rain diverters on the remaining farmers porches whereby the bow window is in the way of the water flow runoff from these roofs.  The purpose of this is to prevent water from the lower roofs to hit the top pan of the bay window.


Topic: Chimney Inspections


         1. Steve Miller will be scheduling the annual chimney inspection for this year.  This will occur in the months of October/November but everyone will be provided advance notice when they plan to come to the property.  You do not need to be home for this inspection but if your chimney is in need of cleaning, we will contact you directly.


Topic: Dryer Vent Cleaning


         1. Tri State Fire Protection will be the contractor performing the dryer vent cleaning this year.  It has been scheduled for October 16th and 17th starting at 9am.  You will receive notices shortly on the details of the Dryer Vent cleaning process. The charge is $50 per unit for the outside that the Association is responsible for which will clean up to 95% of the vent but will not touch the back of the dryer.  If you would like to have the back of the dryer cleaned out which would require them to come inside the house, There is a  $15 charge per the unit for the inside at the owners expense. This will need to requested and scheduled with owner and Tri State on the day of the outside cleaning.  If you decide to have it cleaned on another day, the cost will be at normal rates and no discount will apply. There will be a flyer distributed about this.


Please note:



Next Meeting:  October 15, 2013 Respectfully submitted:


Sam Galzerano

River Ridge Condominium Association





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