River Ridge Condo Association

September 2017




September 18, 2017

Board Members Present: Liz Werth, Joan Flewelling, Katherine Boucher, Sam Galzerano, Richard Barrett, Alysha Gonsalves.

Absent: Cynthia Townes

Condo Owner Present: Philip Flewelling 5D

Also: Steven Miller, Property Manager

Open Session: Philip presented samples of plastic baffle and insulation to demonstrate system in place in 5 B, where owner had the system installed.

Secretary’s Report: Minutes for July 17, 2017 and August 21, 2017 were reviewed, Motion to accept made by Liz Werth, seconded by Joan Flewelling with unanimous approval of the Board.

Treasurer’s Report: Steve Miller reviewed the start of this financial year’s monthly financial report: Income through August, 2017 is $12,826.25- Budgeted YTD is $12,975.00. Over Budget is - $148.75. Expenses through August, 2017 are $15.797.85- Budgeted YTD is $16,144.00. Over Budget is - $346.15.

Transferred amount into the Capital Reserve Account is $1,878.94.

One Condo owner remains in arrears for assessment and condo fees and a lien has been placed.

A motion to accept this report made by Joan Flewelling, seconded by Richard Barrett, with unanimous approval by the Board.

Old Business:

  • Steve will assess Liz Werth’s and Richard Barrett’s doors r/t white spots and peeling.

  • A request was sent from 2 C+D for replacement of front steps and to extend the length of the steps to meet the width of the porch. During the condo walk around by the Board on 8/27/17, some additional steps were noted to need repair and this was reported to Steve. Steve had checked the condition of the steps and reported that he has contacted Dube Construction to do a number of replacements. In addition, the front porches will be checked and elevated nails will be nailed down.

  • Also during the walk around, a number of proposed additional pruning sites recommended by Lobdell Landscaping were eliminated or some Board members offered to do them. An amended list was returned to Lobdell and we are awaiting their adjusted bill. Steve cautioned regarding Board members doing work because of liability.

  • Steve has received two bids for this year’s dryer vent cleaning with Tri State’s proposal for $50.00 for each outside vent, which is paid by the Condo Association, and $30.00 for owners that want to contact them to have their hose cleaned from their dryer to the outside. The other proposal was from Reliable Recovery and Restoration’s of $60.00 for exterior vents and $33.00 for internal vent cleaning. Steve reported that he will be on the property when this is done. A prior recommendation had requested that we have a map indicating where these vents are located on each condo and he was reminded of this. Joan Flewelling made a motion to contract with Tri State, seconded by Sam Galzerano with unanimous approval of the Board.

New Business:

  • Steve has received a bid for signs to be used for condo owners want to maintain the garden area in front of their condo or additional gardens and not have the landscapers work in these areas. The signs will be made of pvc material, measure 6.63” x 9.63”, be green with white lettering- Maintained by Owner. The cost for 30 signs is $700.00. Motion made to order these signs made by Sam Galzerano, seconded by Alysha Gonsalves, 5 members approved, 1 opposed.

  • Liz Werth presented a photo of the front of her condo with the position of the new furnace vent indicated. This would require that an opening be made in the siding and Dube Construction would be needed to frame this. Request was made for approval. The furnace replacement is scheduled for October 5 + 6 with the opening made before this.

  • Annual Meeting date is set for Thursday, October 19, 2017. There is one Board Member’s term to expire and Richard Barrett reported he is interested in continuing as a member.

Manager’s Report:

-Bids were received for the replacement of the 25 remaining roofs needing replacement as well as the garages:

- Dube Construction- $198,360.00.

- ASAP Roofing- $143,500.00

- North Point Roofing- $234,845.00

- Murphy and Sons- waiting for bid.

-Steve reported that the docks are scheduled to be removed the weekend after Columbus Day. Discussion was held regarding delaying this so that

Liz Werth requested that this be delayed so that we are able to enjoy them longer. Decision was made to wait until the end of October.

-Steve reported that he will ask Stephen Brown while he is on the property to check attic of 5 D to assess if the insulation extends over the soffit vents. 5 C will also be checked.

-Steve received a bid from Builders Install Products for insulation for R 30 value to be blown in to each condo’s attic for $675.00 each. Discussion was held and it was decided that, at this time, it is not a priority.

-Decks for Building 5 A + B have been knocked down and rebuilt, just awaiting the top rail.

C + D decks have been knocked down. A gas line was running through the joists under 5 D. Eastern Propane to assess with plan to build deck above the line. Work to complete them will continue into next week related to the storms expected this week. Stephen A. Brown Builders reported to Steve that a permit was not needed for this work.

Annual Meeting- Scheduled Newmarket High School for October 19, 2017 at 7PM. It is important that every owner come and vote or absentee vote for: 68% of 47 owners are 32 people needed to approve changes.

  1. Accept the (NH) Condo Act.

  2. Approve the Insurance section that clarifies the Master Deductible.


Board Meeting for October is on Monday, October 16, 2017 at 6PM.

Respectfully Submitted,

Katherine Boucher, Secretary

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